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Sep 21

Why do Agile people keep banging on about collocation?

By Georg Fasching | agile practice , blogpost

The general intention for Agile teams is that they are working in the same physical location, often called collocation, or being co-located. Much is to be said for the power of osmosis in terms of spreading knowledge among the team. Personal relationships are formed face to face, so that aspect is also strengthened by working in the same physical location. There is a lot more to it though. So let’s explore what science has to say about the real benefits of working in the same location?Continue reading

Sep 04

Top 3 Team Genius Tips for getting the most out of Daily Standups

By Georg Fasching | Team Genius Tips

“The more the team offers and asks for help, the closer they will come together, and the better they will start working together. And the lower the risk for not achieving any goal for any planning iteration.”

Team Genius Tip 1: Work from Right to Left

Spend 15 minutes a day focusing on finishing items rather than getting distracted with starting new ones.

Team Genius Tip 2: Review Challenges

Be boldly honest about the changes, challenges and risks to pursuing your team goal, which in turn helps your team gel.

Team Genius Tip 3: Offer and Ask for Help

The more you ask for help, the more likely you will have a team that will succeed together.

This is going to be a frequent feature on this website and YouTube Channel for busy team development. Have any suggestions for future fast topics? Share in the comments below or sign up for my Team Dynamics Course. See you next time!